LUCIA PULIDO’S ENSEMBLE pays homage to Colombian music through a highly experimental style. Traditional genres such as cumbia and bullerengue from the Caribbean Colombian, currulaos from the Pacific Coast as well as joropos of the Colombian Eastern Plains are the point of departure for musical creativity. Lucía's vocal sophistication is enhanced in genres such as herding songs (cantos de vaquería), funeral laments (alabaos) and harvest chants (cantos de zafra) which give the singer the liberty to explore her voice fully. The ensemble also performs songs written for Lucía by composers Iván Benavides and Sebastián Cruz. Cruz is currently the ensemble's arranger and musical director. The band’s core group consists of percussion, clarinet, bass, guitar and voice. 


Lucía Pulido- Voice
Sebastián Cruz- Guitar
Adam Kolker- Clarinet
Stomu Takeishi- Bass
Ted Poor- Drums

(Spanish) des·pe·cho
1. (ira) - spite, wrath
2. (descontento) - displeasure, disgust
3. (desesperación) - despair, dejection a despecho de - in spite of, in defiance of por despecho - out of spite.

"SONGS OF BROKEN LOVE." Latin American love songs made popular from the thirties to the sixties, by Julio Jaramillo and Cuco Sanchez, among others. The motif of these songs, mainly boleros and waltzes, is the intense pain produced by unrequited love. Lucia breathes new life to this repertoire of grief, pain, deception and heartbreak with a richly nuanced dramaticism that is highly emotionally charged in her performance. The ensemble includes violin, guitar, and bass.

Lucía Pulido-Voice
Sergio Reyes-Violin, melódica
Sebastian Cruz-Guitar
Pedro Giraudo-Acoustic bass

Lucía Pulido-voice
Ulises Martínez-violin, guitar
Alonso Borja, guitar
César Martínez- acoustic bass


Misha Marks, Guitars, euphonium
Amanda Irarrázabal, Acoustic bass
Lucía Pulido, voice, small percussion

- Lucía Pulido, Fernando Tarrés y la Raza

Blending traditional and ancestral songs from Colombia and Argentina with modern jazz, African influences and European classical elements, SONGBOOK is a genre-stretching musical statement conceived by Colombian singer Lucía Pulido and Argentine guitarist-composer Fernando Tarrés. SONGBOOK is the result of an elaborate blending of as many such influences as these two very eclectic artists have had throughout their careers and lives. As in the confluence of a river with the sea, it becomes impossible to know with certainty how much water originates in one body of sounds as it flows into the other. Sophisticated yet direct, the band approaches the music from a radical perspective, framing Lucía Pulido's buttery timbre and easygoing lyricism within an intense world of rhythm and color that reinforces the strength and rawness of each song. Past and present, tradition and modernity reach total communion as the music takes the listener for an unexpected journey.

Lucía Pulido-Voice
Rodrigo Domínguez-Saxes, clarinet
Juan Pablo Arredondo-Electric guitar
Jerónimo Carmona-upright bass
Carto Brandán-Drums, cajón
Fernando Tarrés-Spanish guitar, prepared piano, arrangements, musical direction